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365 Project – Cherries and Pineapple

I wish to improve my photography still further so I am undertaking some extra courses in portrait and wedding photography and also doing the challenge where you take one photograph a day. I’ve been doing 365 for just over two weeks  and have seen some improvement already in my general photographs. I of course have taken […]

365 Day Challenge

Day 2 of the challenge and I submitted a version of the image above. I’m very dedicated to my food photography but I have decided that to progress my photography in general I need to do more than just food. I recognised I need to practice more and challenge myself so I have decided to […]

Breakfast Time

Here’s a practice shot I did for a breakfast assignment that I sadly didn’t get to do. 🙁  I liked the way this test shot came out so I thought I would share it here.

Salad Time

It’s such a glorious day. Nothing better than fresh bread and salad to eat in the sun all brought from a local farm shop. It’s great when I can eat the food I photograph

Lemon Cake – Flitvale Farm Shop

Oh this cake was delicious. Really tastes of Lemon yet not to sweet. I found it in the Flitvale farm shop. It’s a Bramble House cake and it’s really yummy.

Flitvale Farm Shop – Red Chilli Peppers

  So next year my local camera club has a competition called “Red”. I am hoping to enter it so I will be doing a series of red shots. This is the first couple of attempts of beautiful red chilli peppers from Flitvale Farm shop.

Food Photography Course Number 3

  Today I went on my third food photography course in London. This one was run by the College of Naturopathic Medicine. It was a busy classroom! Twenty students in all. A lot larger class than I am used to the previous two classes were only 6 students. The morning was a lecture on food […]

Flitvale Farm Shop Shoot 2 – Red Onions

So I paid another visit to Flitvale Farm shop today and picked out these wonderful red onions. Its a gorgeous spring day so I thought in this image I would use some spring flowers taken from my garden. The plant itself was previously brought from Flitvale Garden Centre in Flitwick where the farm shop is […]

Flitvale Farm Shop Vegetables – Shoot 1

I popped into my local farm shop at Flitvale nurseries in Flitwick today to grab some fresh vegetables for photographing.  I found these wonderful locally grown carrots and a cauliflower.  I picked up my loyalty card as I expect to be back on a frequent basis. Its going to be fun photographing the veg as […]

Food Photography Project 1 – Healthy or Not?

So I have realised I need to practice  and one of the ways I can do this is by setting myself a project.  These images are part or a project I am currently working on.  They are far from perfect but I am making progress.