365 Day Challenge

Day 2 of the challenge and I submitted a version of the image above. I’m very dedicated to my food photography but I have decided that to progress my photography in general I need to do more than just food. I recognised I need to practice more and challenge myself so I have decided to […]

Breakfast Time

Here’s a practice shot I did for a breakfast assignment that I sadly didn’t get to do. ūüôĀ ¬†I liked the way this test shot came out so I thought I would share it here.

Food Photography Course Number 3

  Today I went on my third food photography course in London. This one was run by the College of Naturopathic Medicine. It was a busy classroom! Twenty students in all. A lot larger class than I am used to the previous two classes were only 6 students. The morning was a lecture on food […]

My first photo shoot with a model

Last night I had my first experience of a model photo shoot. A small group of 6 of us from the Ampthill and district camera club spent the evening shooting photos of¬†Roisin, a professional model.¬† You can see more of her work here on Purpleport¬†http://purpleport.com/portfolio/roisinmm/¬†with more details on her Facebook page –¬†https://www.facebook.com/pg/roisinmm ¬†Here are just […]

London Lights

Here are some images taken tonight from around London. It’s starting to feel alot like christmas..¬†

Autumn on Flitton Moor

Today I took a little walk down to the Moor in Flitton searching for some Autumn inspiration. This is a selection of 8 images from the moor.

Reptile Shoot

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing all sorts of wonderful creatures with the Ampthill and District Camera club and the Reptile Road Show. Here is a selection of my shots. I wish I could have managed a shot with a tongue sticking out, hey ho..

Ampthill Park Sunset

I don’t think I have ever stood and taken a sunset picture in England before.¬† This of course is a practice of low light photography. Before I took this photograph I looked on the internet for settings suitable for sunset photos.¬† I found a page which recommended Shutter speed 1/30 or longer, ISO 100 or […]

The story evolves from here..

This is my blog to record stages in my progression into the wonderful world of photography.¬† I will post images here as I progress.¬† Leaving space on my social network pages for me to engage with my friends and family.¬† Here I hope to engage with a wider community.