Can I turn a passion for photography into a fun business using Linkedin?

I’m a mum based in Bedfordshire with a love of photography that has been with me since I was a teenager. My children are now teens themselves and as they’ve become more independent I’ve been making plans of my own to fly the nest and return to the workplace.

While my children have been growing up I’ve created a local pet care business that brings me a small income and covers my photography expenses.I just can’t leave my camera alone though, and my dream is to take images that people can enjoy and will pay me for. So can I turn this hobby into a business using Linkedin?

As I come from a technical background and have studied graphics design I can create a WordPress site and order some business cards from I also enjoy the social aspect of helping and working with clients so that they achieve their goals.

I can continue to undertake courses to develop and improve my photography skills but can I network and market a photography business using on and offline marketing?  When I’m in a classroom I look listen and learn.  Can I look read and learn what I need to succeed from interacting with professionals on Linkedin? Only time will tell…..