Food Photography Course Number 3


Today I went on my third food photography course in London. This one was run by the College of Naturopathic Medicine. It was a busy classroom! Twenty students in all. A lot larger class than I am used to the previous two classes were only 6 students. The morning was a lecture on food photography and the afternoon hands on photography and post production work.  We also reviewed some of the students work from the day. Because the students brought their own props there was a great opportunity to do food styling with lots of differing styles. We had four food areas setup for us to play with in small groups of four or five.  It was interesting to see how the setups were changed and manipulated by the different groups. Showing how important it is not to just stick with your initial setup when taking food.

I had a good day but my favourite food photography course so far has to be the course run by William Reavell. Though I have to say if I wanted to progress my general photography skills I would go for tuition with Ion Paciu at the London Photography school.

More Photos from today. Now it’s time to practice.

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