2017 March

Food Photography Course Number 3

  Today I went on my third food photography course in London. This one was run by the College of Naturopathic Medicine. It was a busy classroom! Twenty students in all. A lot larger class than I am used to the previous two classes were only 6 students. The morning was a lecture on food […]

Flitvale Farm Shop Shoot 2 – Red Onions

So I paid another visit to Flitvale Farm shop today and picked out these wonderful red onions. Its a gorgeous spring day so I thought in this image I would use some spring flowers taken from my garden. The plant itself was previously brought from Flitvale Garden Centre in Flitwick where the farm shop is […]

Flitvale Farm Shop Vegetables – Shoot 1

I popped into my local farm shop at Flitvale nurseries in Flitwick today to grab some fresh vegetables for photographing.  I found these wonderful locally grown carrots and a cauliflower.  I picked up my loyalty card as I expect to be back on a frequent basis. Its going to be fun photographing the veg as […]

Food Photography Project 1 – Healthy or Not?

So I have realised I need to practice  and one of the ways I can do this is by setting myself a project.  These images are part or a project I am currently working on.  They are far from perfect but I am making progress.    

My 2nd Food Photography Course

So I’ve been on my 2nd Food Photography Course. This one with William Reavell was very different to that of Ion Paciu. Ion’s course used studio lights where as Williams was all about natural light. Both courses were good in their own right. William runs a second day which I hope to attend in the […]