2016 November

London Lights

Here are some images taken tonight from around London. It’s starting to feel alot like christmas.. 

Autumn on Flitton Moor

Today I took a little walk down to the Moor in Flitton searching for some Autumn inspiration. This is a selection of 8 images from the moor.

Reptile Shoot

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing all sorts of wonderful creatures with the Ampthill and District Camera club and the Reptile Road Show. Here is a selection of my shots. I wish I could have managed a shot with a tongue sticking out, hey ho..

Ampthill Park Sunset

I don’t think I have ever stood and taken a sunset picture in England before.  This of course is a practice of low light photography. Before I took this photograph I looked on the internet for settings suitable for sunset photos.  I found a page which recommended Shutter speed 1/30 or longer, ISO 100 or […]

Dry Weather Photographer

Today I went to Woburn Gardens in the hope of doing some Autumn shots but the rain and sleet sent me to the coffee and gift shop. On leaving the car park I noticed a lone deer and was able to open the car window and take some shots.  I have returned home and edited […]

Tommy’s Foot Prints

Today’s little photo shoot was a visit to Ampthill park to record Tommy’s foot prints.  More about this project can be found here https://tommysfootprints.wordpress.com/ This is a montage of images that I took on my visit this morning arranged by the Ampthill and District Camera Club. I took all the images on aperture priority mode […]

Wildlife photography Maybe?

So I am at the very early stages of learning photography. I am just off auto and still struggling a bit with my ISO, appertures and shutter speeds. I’m not entirely sure of what direction I want to go with it so at the moment I am just playing and learning. I spent an afternoon […]

The story evolves from here..

This is my blog to record stages in my progression into the wonderful world of photography.  I will post images here as I progress.  Leaving space on my social network pages for me to engage with my friends and family.  Here I hope to engage with a wider community.